It's 2021! Time for a fresh start, and new surroundings!  

Fabric Furnishings is ready to help you create 

a fresh, beautiful and functional home.

     The "new normal" has required families to spend more time at home, learning, working and living in shared spaces.  Now is the ideal time to re-invent a more "livable" space. Since 2006, Fabric Furnishings has specialized in custom window treatments, seat and bench cushions, headboards, and light upholstery for your indoor and  outdoor rooms.  


 On-site visits can be held at a safe distance, with masks and gloves, indoors or out as weather permits. We are also able to work together remotely, to begin the process, with the use of technology and online/email/phone consultations, sample drop offs, and virtual design boards. Yes, it is possible to re-create your windows and home beautifully and efficiently. The goal is to keep you safe during the entire design, fabric selection, and measurement process, all the way to final installation.











I look forward to interpreting your personal style , 

Let's  work together to define your needs and style, and  

choose wonderful fabrics and quality window hardware.


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